The bonds of deep friendship and trust are the foundations and inspiration for new singer/songwriter Daniel Donskoy’s debut single, ‘Cry By The River’.  Creating a world where you could meet up with a friend and together, sit down and cry with no fear of it being construed as weakness, never scared to be vulnerable with each other.

Emotional conversations come easily to Daniel – comfortably fliting from light to dark. Having enjoyed brilliant success early on in his career as an actor, it might seem like an unusual subject matter-But the last ten year of his life have been characterised by dislocation, fragmentation, success and defeat - both professionally and in love. This emotional eloquence has been the perfect basis for his songwriting. 

In 2011, Daniel moved to London. The city and all its contradictions had a profound effect on his music; its restless energy, rich musical heritage and the simultaneous sense of loneliness and connection amongst its people. British singers & songwriters quickly became an inspiration for him and the influence of Blues, Indie and  Folk  on his music is clear. 

After an intense period of work in Film & TV, Daniel was keen to set his own agenda and self-expression in his music. He found the perfect collaborator in the renowned music producer Mic Schroeder (Joris, Rea Garvey, Lotte, Silly, and many more in the Berlin-based eleventwentyStudios). Like Daniel, his focus is on analog sound and live instruments. ‘Cry By The River’ is the first fruits of their work together.

Artist Bio

Born in Russia, Daniel grew up in Berlin and Tel Aviv and studied drama and music in London. His family scattered around the world and for Daniel it is difficult to define the term home. He is a cosmopolitan wanderer, who is at home wherever he is at that time.

Schooled in Piano by his Russain Grandmother, as a teenager he broke free from the strictness of his traditional upbringing. Drawn to the bright lights of Tel Aviv, he began to write his own songs. Lined up for a place at Music School in Israel he decided to move back to Berlin alone where he applied for classical singing at the UDK Berlin but was rejected. Finally, Daniel got a scholarship at the Arts Education School in London.

Following graduation in 2014 he went straight into theater, followed by roles on British television. In Germany, he became popular overnight with his lead role in the series "Sankt Maik", roles in “Tatort” and a starring role in Dror Zahavi’s Feature Film "Crescendo" (To be released in 2019)

In Daniel’s words “ It never felt like a conscious decision to start sharing my inner thoughts and feelings with an audience. Sometimes this will happen as an actor, other times as a musician. We’re dealing with emotions, so why limit yourself if emotions are the most limitless thing we’ll ever get to know.’’